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hair thickening

The salon of Mattia Ferrari in Verona, offers specific solutions for an increase in volume of flat hair, thickening and lengthening thinning, fine or damaged hair.

Thinning hair in women

The frequent use of hair dryers, straightening hair tongs and harsh chemicals can damage hair and make it thinner even creating progressive thinning. These bad practices cause, in fact, a thinning of the cuticle that protects hair, making it more fragile, especially at the tips. At the salon of Hairdresser Mattia Ferrari hair thickening and lengthening is carried out through the application of natural or synthetic strands. The hair thereby is simply integrated obviously paying great care to respect the existing colour and length. The effect is an immediate acquisition of volume, without the operation of thickening being visible to the naked eye . You get the same result even in the case of excessive hair loss due to genetic causes or advancing age.

Treatment for men

The anti-loss treatment for men includes the use of specific products and the execution of a wash that massages the skin to reactivate the micro-circulation. The hair is then fed with products based on essential oils and vitamins that make it stronger and less prone to weaken and fall.

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