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reconstruction treatment

At the salon of Mattia Ferrari in Verona we run keratin-based treatment for hair that allows you to restore tone and shine to lifeless and weakened hair The technique employed involves the use of strictly natural products, welcoming for the hair, which has no contrary effects.


nourishment for damaged hair

To have healthy and attractive hair is always good to pay attention to hair care: it is in fact a very delicate part of the body and sensitive to thermal, mechanical stress and the action of chemical substances. Operations of aggressive styling, colour treatments and hair setting can compromise its good health in the long run, consuming keratin. Body hair and hair are in fact compounds for the most part of this protein, whose solidity is compromised not only by incorrectly performed beauty treatments but also by exposure to smog or by simple stress. The application of protein mixtures with a keratin base can then help weakened hair to find brightness and robustness.


Immediate effects and long term benefits

Matteo Ferrari and his staff are specialised in the execution of reconstruction treatment, performed with products tested and used by recognised professionals in the world. From the first application the results are immediately visible: the hair is instantly shinier and has a healthy and vigorous appearance. The treatment has benefits even in the long term by protecting the hair from environmental aggression. For a good result it is however necessary to undergo repeated sessions, approximately once a month.


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